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Unbind the power of precision with Perfectpunch Digitization. We're all here to transform the design into flawless embroidery patches and vector digitization. Here at Perfecktpunch, the experts combine cutting-edge technology and as well as their creativity to digitize the artwork and unmatch the accuracy. you can also check our blog page Get the impeccable stitch counts, in dept design detailing and vibrant colors. Try our services and experience perfection in every single punch with our digitization methods.


The Vectorization we offer has an accurate conversion of raster pictures into scalable vector graphics. The advanced technology we used ensures a precise outline, a more vibrant color, and very smooth curves. We are making it look perfect for attractive illustrations, logos, and much more. With our vectorization process, transfer your desired pixel-based designs into more versatile and resizable vector formats. Now don't wait and elevate your graphics into the next step only with Perfecktpunch online.


We introduce the perfect custom patches of high quality for you. We offer the best variety of custom patches online that also includes Chenille, PVC, Leather, and much more. As in fashion brands customized patches online are trending. At perfektpunch, we provide high-quality affordable patches and digitizing services online. If you are the one looking for customized patches for yourself then we are all here to help you out. Feel free to contact us. We always entertain our customers within no time.


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Vectorizing and illustrator art work

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Best Design

We design our company with an adjective to provide the best designs, patches, vectorization, and so on. We as a professional patches expert believe that our success would only be possible if we have innovative ideas.

Perfect Embroidery Artwork

For us starting the design artwork and providing digitizer embroidery service online was our passion, in which initially we all focus on the patches, and later we diversify our business with passion.

Custom PVC Patches of The High Quality

The only reason for our success is that we bring a lot of innovations to our client's tables. We provide more than 15+ options for our valuable clients to customize the custom PVC patch or vector digitizing of their own choice.

Brining Your Dream Idea Into Reality

With focusing on high-quality standards we also focus to work on updated technology and constantly train our team for more innovative ideas. No matter what is your dream design. Our goal is to turn your dream design into reality.

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Esteemed Clients Have To Say

Lesley C.

“I love the digitizing, just as clean it comes out when I stitch it out.”

Kelly S.

“I am French and my English is very bad, but Perfekt Punch Ltd employees communicate with me patiently and always get my orders correct. ”

Presley Hart

“I’ve used to have small embroidery shop, but now I have a big running business all due to the help of Perfekt Punch Ltd with their quick and economical services.”

Camille M.

“I’ve used to have small embroidery shop, but now I have a big running business all due to the help of Perfekt Punch Ltd with their quick and economical services. My friend Nicole recommended them to me, choosing them was the best decision I’ve made for my business. ”

Freddy K.

“These guys are the best, you have no idea how many times they saved my arsewhen I’m on deadline with my clients. They don’t even charge me extra for rush orders. I would recommend Perfekt Punch Ltd to everyone out there.”

Alison B.

“As their loyal customer for years, I can vouch that they are the best freaking digitizers I’ve ever had, I’ve had some crappy digitizers in the past, but these people are the best and I will always remain loyal to them.”

Perfeckt Punch's Perfect Embroidery Digitization Machine

We welcome you to our perfektpunch online vectorizing and digitizing services. As a top leading embroidered patches store, we believe to deliver the best possible solutions to our clients. We have an expert team who is specialized in making custom embroidered patches, digitizing and also vectorizing services at affordable cost.

Whether you are an online store, a renowned brand, or a small business, we are all here to provide the most attractive and attention-seeking embroidery digitization services. Compromising on quality is what we don’t like, our professional team works on the best material and printing ideas to meet customer satisfaction and expectations. we are here to entertain you.


In the short time we print and make the letters and logo by using the Perfecktpunch digitization capabilities. Just avail of our services and get the perfect pattern of your choice. Don’t wait, Order today and get the best delivery within no time

Look Into The Perfect Masterpiece & Eye-catching Artworks

Perfecktpunch is a leading name in the field of embroidery digitization With our expertise and attention to detail, our priority is always to ensure that every design is transformed into a perfect embroidery masterpiece with an eye-catching look. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned a reputation for delivering punch-perfect embroidered patches that exceed expectations. Don’t wait to place your order today and get the best services

Affordable Patches Services with Quick Delivery Time

We feel proud that we stand out in the competition and sets our vectorizing, digitizing, and patch services apart from others because, for us, customer satisfaction is a priority. Our specialized team makes the best embroidery patches that never become dull even after multiple washes. Share your ideas and get the best outcome from Perfecktpunch We never compromise on quality and delivery time. Our priority is to deliver the order as soon as possible. We believe to entertain our customers and give them 24/7 support.


Feel free to catch us up on our chat support or you can also place your order online. No matter if you have low-resolution images, we can convert them into high-quality vectors. You can easily sew and print anything on the garments and get your brand noticed by people. We have a wide range of clients globally who rely on our patches, digitizing, and vector services. We give complete satisfaction to our clients along with quick responses. You can now easily share your ideas via the chat support system or on a phone call. We are here for your services.

Give Your Business A Brand Identity With Custom Patches Online

Brand identity is everything in this digital era, and for that, we bring you the most alluring patches, digitizing, and vector designs to give a boost to our business. The concept is yours, and we bring it to life by giving our best experience to your designs. Our designed patches can be used in several ways and they make you stand out from others.


Non-blurry or whatever design you required for vectors, you not only design them but also provide multiple other design ideas. All our valued customers provide us with an example sample and we customized it according to their demands. We also design vector patches according to the customer’s demands.

Get The Best Solutions For Custom Patches And Vector Conversions

Commonly Asked Questions

Fill out the contact form on the respective service page you need services for with detailed instructions and artwork and proceed to checkout to make your payment. You will receive confirmation and your order on your email once you have successfully placed an order.

Fill out the contact form on the respective service page you need services for with detailed instructions and artwork, someone from our team will provide you with a quote.

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Most common file format is .DST which works on most machines, but some require other formats like .PES for Brothers and .EXP for Melco embroidery machines, we provide these file formats as well.

Both, we offer digitizing services as well as we provide sew out with left chest logo as an add on at small fee so receive best quality logo from our side.

Our typical turnaround time is 5-6 hours for left chest/cap logos during work hours but it could take a bit longer if the logo is complicated

Our preferred method to receive payment is through PayPal, but we also accept bank transfers.

We don’t charge any fee for minor edits and adjustment.